Built-in drain pump

The unit has a up-drain water pump whose the max. Drainage height can be up to 600mm.(only for medium ESP units).

High Efficient Filter

The unit adopts G3 grade filter which can efficiently filter the dirt etc., and improve the room air quality. At the same time, the filter can be pulled out from downside, convenient for maintenance and cleaning .

Variable control mode

The indoor unit can use one wired remote controller, also it can use a remote controller (with new remote receiver) (optional).

Flexible duct connection

The number of the airflow outlet and its installation position can be freely selected according to the surrounding of the room, sufficiently considering the load and the uniform temperature of the room, to realize perfect comfort.

Multi-mode installation

The indoor unit can be installed with an air return duct or without an air return duct according to the installation need.(only for medium and high ESP units).

Design friendly

There are low/medium/high static pressure duct models fit for different design application.

Series Static
Indoor Type Duct Type
Controller (O-Optional,S-Standard) Wired(S),Infrared(O)
Refrigerant R410A
Cooling Capacity(kBtu/h) 47.7
Cooling Capacity(kW) 14
Heating Capacity(kBtu/h) 30.4
Heating Capacity(kW) 8.9
Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz) 1/220-230/50
Air flow(m3/h) 1600
Sound Pressure Level(H/M/L) dB(A) 50/46/44
Sound Power Level(H/M/L) dB(A) 63/59/57
Net Dimensions (mm) 1197/830/360
Shipping Dimensions 1430/940/420
Net/Shipping Weight (kg) 62/77
File Name Date File Size Download
AD482MPERA 03/02/2015 1.63 MB
Owners Manual