HRV technology

Adopting HRV unit, outside fresh air could be supplied to the indoor unit, at the same time, indoor dirty air exhausted to outdoor. This will keep indoor air comfortable, dehumidified and clean.

Sole operation

Three working modes: auto mode, heat exchange mode, collateral mode. Four fan speed: high wind, low wind, high exchange wind, low exchange wind.

Air flow (H) (m3/h) 150
Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz) 1/220-230/50/60
Rated power input (kW) 0.1
Rated current 0.55
Sound pressure level (H/L) [dB(A)] 44/43
Sound power level (H/L) [dB(A)] 55/54
External dimensions(W D H) (mm) 940/685/276
Shipping dimensions(W D H) (mm) 1013/773/345
Net/Shipping weight(kg) 28.7/31.2
Wired(S-standard) YR-N07
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