Inverter control technology, which allows precise control of cooling capacities

Microprocessor control of coolant supply provides the most accurate maintenance of temperature settings

Air intake from 4 sides, which reduces the size of the unit and boosts its energy efficiency

Improved cooling technology of electronic module

Innovative fan structure (shape of blades and material)

Possibility of operating at low temperatures (cooling operation mode - at a temperature down to -5 C)

Indoor Type For All
Refrigerant R410A
Cooling(kW) 33.5
Heating(kW) 37.5
Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz) 3/380-400/50/60
Cooling Rated Power Input(kw) 10
Cooling Max Power Input(kW) 17.57
Cooling Rated Current(A) 14.2
Cooling Max Current(A) 27.9
Heating Rated Power Input(kW) 10
Heating Max Power Input(kW) 14.6
Heating Rated Current(A) 15.1
Heating Max Current(A) 23.3
EER 3.35
COP 3.37
Air Flow(m3h) 14100
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 60
Sound Power Level dB(A) 76
Net Dimensions (mm) 1390/750/1808
Shipping Dimensions 1490/860/1990
Net/Shpping Weight (kg) 360/378
File Name Date File Size Download
AV12NMVESA 03/02/2015 1.63 MB
Owners Manual